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Max Supply 4,463,000,000 Market Cap 707,109,993,684
Markets POPKET Block Generation Period 2
Proof Type Dapp,pow



POPKET (POPKET = POP + Ticket) is a combination of pop and tickets and is a platform for the global concert ticket reservation market. Popket has a business philosophy of becoming an icon of the performing culture representing the Korean Wave along with K-POP, which is rapidly expanding the market worldwide and growing rapidly, and a sense of mission to grow. In addition, it is a cryptocurrency that will lead the global performance culture by developing a payment platform for K-pop stars' concerts, fan meetings, music sources, and MD products through the blockchain-based mainnet.[1] Popketcoin's own mainnet was developed and operated to enable convenient and inexpensive ticketing for concerts, and we are striving to build a reasonable consumption culture through various promotions.[2]

Background of appearance

The entertainment market is growing day by day. With the increasing popularity of K-POP around the world, it is expected that there will be more than 100 million Korean Wave fans each year, and the number of fans visiting Korea to see performances at K-POP stars is increasing. However, in order for these overseas Korean Wave fans to see a performance at a K-POP star, there are many restrictions and a lot of difficulties. Popketcoin aims to minimize these limitations and difficulties and provide more reasonable and affordable cultural services.[3]


Popketcoin's goal was to provide K-POP or Hallyu cultural performances to the audience at a lower price. Therefore, in order to prevent all risks, it has its own mainnet and operates various events for participants within the mainnet, thereby maximizing the strengths of the POPKET platform.[4]

The POPKET token system must maintain the balance of Popketcoin as much as the cost paid to execute the contract. It means that you can instantly exchange currency and recharge with your own popket balance, and you can pay the transaction costs directly with the currency used for the transaction. The amount obtained through each contract is converted into Popketcoin, and the once charged Popketcoin can be reused.[5]

Token Model

The POPKET transaction is recorded on the POPKET blockchain network, and as the next step, POPKET itself is converted into coins on the blockchain. To operate such a system, a new blockchain network was created, and this blockchain network is a dedicated platform for creating and operating POPKETCOIN, and is a cornerstone for providing various contents and services. By operating the POPKET network, it emphasizes transparency in transaction information, and it is connected to the actual value through tickets and various services of concerts and festivals, so that the fast, accurate and safe value of the POPKET network can be delivered to users as it is.